Frequently Asked Questions

What are some basic things that anyone interested in working as a paranormal investigator should know?

We hope that the majority of us enter this field unified in our desire to 1. Foster the mental and physical well being of our clients and their families, and 2. Study and investigate the true nature of seemingly unexplainable phenomena. We recommend before searching the internet for potentially unreliable information or worse yet, pop-paranormal theories, that you create a solid foundation based on critical thinking and skepticism. Though these skills may seem counterintuitive when delving into the paranormal, critical thinking and skepticism are vital for evaluating information to make well informed decisions regarding paranormal claims, being able to differentiate science from pseudoscience, and understanding the flaws and irrationality in human beliefs. Skepdic.com is the perfect place to get started. Here you can read several essays and familiarize yourself with a number of topics which you will find yourself applying not only towards your own personal experiences but also to the research and investigations you will be doing in the field.

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