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"A pseudoscience is a doctrine or belief system that pretends to be a science."

"Pseudoscience tries to masquerade as science (knowing the prestige that we now attach to scientific things), but when you examine the claims closely, they do not hold up to scientific scrutiny."

"However, there are several of the more important principles that we all need to avoid being duped by pseudoscience:
1. Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence
2. Burden of Proof
3. Anecdotes Do Not Make Science
4. Arguments from Authority and Credential Mongering
5. Bold Statements and Scientific-Sounding Language Do Not Make It Science
6. Correlation Is Not Causation
7. The World Is Not Black and White, but Shades of Gray
8. Special Pleading and Ad Hoc Hypotheses
9. Not All "Persecuted Geniuses" Are Right"

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