Friday, September 16, 2011


November 02, 2010

SKI investigators Gabe and Wayne had been invited to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace to take a tour of Hawai‘i’s first Roman Catholic church. They were greeted by their knowledgeable guide who showed them around the church’s interior and shared with them stories about its history. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace was the church at which Saint Damien had been ordained into the priesthood on May 21, 1864.

In one of the corners of the church stands a beautiful wooden display case made of Koa. Within this display case sits a small wooden box, which their guide said contains one of Saint Damien’s heel bones. Wayne asked the guide if they would allow him to take a few pictures of the amazing display. Their guide encouraged it, and Wayne walked over to the display case. Gabe stood about 10 feet away on Wayne's left taking pictures of the church’s front altar when Gabe began hearing some very unusual sounds. The following is an audio recording that they had been taking during that moment...