Sunday, May 8, 2011


S.K.I. REPORT #20090928-01
LOCATION: Paradise Park. Manoa, HI
DATE: 2000 ?

I am by no means a writer, but I will do my best to tell you every last terrifying detail about what happened to us that night up at Paradise Park.

Prior to that night, I was the kind of guy who could look you dead in the eyes and tell you that there were no such things as ghosts. Looking back, my entire attitude towards the supernatural was borderline disrespectful.

About 11 years ago, my friends Dan, Cory, Dean and I had just started college at the University of Hawaii. Instead of going drinking or clubbing like most kids our age, we spent our free time hunting for ghosts. We would hit the so-called “hot spots” and cemeteries in the area, but always returned empty-handed without any evidence or experiences.

I had read somewhere that in ancient times Paradise Park in Manoa had been the land of the ali‘i and gods. I had also read about banshees supposedly haunting that same area. Excited by the thought that we might actually experience something supernatural, we piled into Dan’s dirt-encrusted Honda Accord and headed into Manoa Valley.

Around 8 p.m., we reached the long dark road leading to Paradise Park. Dan drove, Cory rode shotgun, and Dean and myself sat in the backseat. All I can really remember about the place was that it was pitch black. It was so dark that none of us could see out of the side or rear windows. The only light came from the car headlights guiding us into the sprawling darkness ahead and it didn’t help that the moon was nowhere to be found.

Dan, being extra cautious, coasted slowly along the road when suddenly, the Accord violently shifted to the left as if something enormous had shoved the right side of the car onto its two left wheels. At that exact moment, we all heard a loud, low pitched "AAAHHHHH!" It sounded like something was right there in the car with us. It was so loud my eardrums throbbed and I thought it was an explosion.

We all started screaming and I yelled, “Get us the f*** outta here!!!” Dan floored  the gas pedal and sped up to the clearing just before the Manoa Falls trail, swinging the Accord around in one large swoop, and raced out of Paradise Park.

We didn't stop until we reached the Manoa Shopping Center where we all jumped out of the car, gathered our senses, and inspected the vehicle. We searched frantically for any evidence of what had just happened. We tried to be logical about it and figured that whatever slammed into the side of Dan’s car should have left a mark or prints since the car had been dirty before setting out. Upon close inspection, we found nothing. The dirt on the car remained undisturbed, and we all agreed never to return to Paradise Park again.

Though more than a decade has passed since that unforgettable night, we still occasionally try to figure out just what the hell happened. I recently talked to a co-worker about our experience who shared with me that nightmarchers are said to march through that area, especially on the night of Kāne, when the light of the moon yields to the darkness of night. If this is the case, and we somehow disrupted their sacred, solemn march, then we are incredibly lucky to be alive.

WRITTEN BY: Wayne Takabayashi
for Spooky Kine Investigations