Saturday, January 8, 2011

“Ka Manakā Pau”

“Ka Manakā Pau”
These were their words.  This was their message.

Every so often our team along with friends, colleagues, and paranormal enthusiasts, will get together to explore and educate ourselves about our islands’ reported paranormal hot spots.  Spooky Kine Investigations strongly believes that the spiritual aspects of paranormal research and studies are just as important as the scientific documentation.  We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to work closely with gifted sensitives who teach us about our islands’ spirits,  helping us to understand the world as seen through their eyes.

It is crucial for us to acknowledge here that when one puts him/herself out there, you enter into a world which leaves you vulnerable and at their mercy.  After all, we are merely guests asking  to be welcomed into their homes, and we are expected to behave accordingly.  When we fail to do so, spirits may react much like any of us when someone enters and behaves inappropriately.  It is for this reason that S.K.I. and our colleagues follow very strict protocols of introducing ourselves, being sincere about our intentions, and always asking for their permission to be there.  Should we receive indication to the contrary, we are quick to acknowledge and respectfully leave.

“Ka manakā pau.”  

These were their words, spoken to a sensitive one dark December evening at the Judd Trail head located along the winding Nu‘uanu Pali Drive, a place made famous by the urban legend and true life tragedies of Morgan’s Corner.  This was their message, to all of us working in the paranormal field, S.K.I. included.  When we speak of Hawai‘i’s spirits and share their stories with other people, we should speak in truth and with integrity because they are listening and know when we are not being honest.  Dear readers, please understand that it is not S.K.I.’s nor anyone else’s place to dictate how one conducts their business.  Neither is it for us undermine nor criticize the hard work of others who are putting in  the same amount of time, love, and dedication into our field.  However it is our responsibility to teach and educate others of what we learn.  Please, take their messages to heart, heed their warnings.  Treat Hawai‘i’s spirits with the respect they deserve and always work to teach others to do the same.
“Ka manakā pau (The boresome/uninteresting ends).  Ka manakā pau.  Ka manakā pau.  Stop lying, otherwise do not return.”

WRITTEN BY: Wayne Takabayashi
for Spooky kine Investigations