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July 03, 2010

Understanding the three basic types of hauntings will help decide the best methods of investigation and techniques used to justify evidence.

INTELLIGENT: This type of haunting carries the characteristics of a personable or "human" type of manifestation. These entities can adapt and respond to stimuli presented during an investigation. The "Intelligent" manifestation can respond to questions during EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) sessions or manipulate the physical environment by drawing energy from surrounding sources (electrical sources, air, batteries, etc.). This type of haunting is not always isolated to a familiar location such as a home, business, or external area. It is important that people understand that these types of hauntings may vary and adapt due to the intelligence of the entity.

RESIDUAL: A residual haunting can be best described as an entity repeating a particular event from the past with no awareness of the current time or spectators. This type of haunting may be witnessed multiple times by viewers who report the haunting as a reenactment or repeating circumstance. This is a difficult type of haunting to investigate due to the hauntings' unpredictable nature.

INHUMAN: The rarest type of haunting would be the inhuman manifestation. Also known as "Demonic", the inhuman entity is usually invited through misguided means such as Ouija boards, seances, or other forms of summoning. Once introduced, this manipulating entity will make it's presence known through hostile or menacing means. Rumors and folklore usually associate a foul odor with inhuman type entities. Removal of these types of entities usually involve a religious ceremony, cleansing, or in certain cases, exorcism.

This information is based on personal studies of the various types of hauntings. I have had the question raised on multiple occasions about the "choking ghost". Many people believe this type of haunting to be a form of "demonic" haunting. Unfortunately, I can't substantiate this particular type of haunting and in many ways feel that this type of haunting may be "intelligent". The "choking ghost" usually carries the same trademark pattern and occurs when the victim is asleep or falling asleep (I can detail that every individual reacts differently when exposed to the presence of an entity). The brain may cause the body to involuntarily react in the form of paralysis due to the state of mind the victim is in. I believe whole heartily that this event has happened to me when I was younger. I couldn't move or speak during this event and felt as if someone was choking me. I prayed and though  the sensation stopped, I was left fearful of what had just happened. I noticed a scent of perfume in my room after it stopped. I tried every way to justify what just happened but found no logical explanations.

I hope you find this information resourceful. 

WRITTEN BY: Stephen O'Kelley
Spooky Kine Investigations

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